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Grow Camellia Flower at Home

All gardeners of the world have long been admired and worshipped by marvellous camellia flowers. The Japanese camellia is most spread in the world, and plants of this variety can be from 2 to 20 meters in height. Therefore we advise you to decorate your garden with them.
Luxury evergreen tea tree is named so because of its leaves from getting the ingredients, of which you can make a tea. This beauty came to us from Japan, where it is revered.


Interesting facts

  • At first, all varieties of camellias were white.
  • Previously just emperors and samurai were engaged in the cultivation of flowers.
  • The first red camellia flower appeared in Japan in the VII century, and it was a real event!
  • This flower adorned the heroine of the Duma`s novel, Marguerite Gautier ("The Lady of the Camellias").
  • It was the favourite flower of Coco Chanel.
  • Knights of the White Camellia – were members of the "Ku Klux Klan" who believed the flower was a symbol of the white race.
  • Camellia, unlike other flowerets, blossoms in winter.

Gorgeous flower: camellia at home

Lighting: bush likes a lot of sun, but the light day should last no more than 13 hours for it. Then create a “night” for the flower, obscuring the light source. This will help the proper development of the buds.
Temperature: during the season of growing and flowering, it is best to maintain a stable temperature near 17 °C, create a colder climate regime (6-8 °C) and with the arrival of cold (November-January). At the same time reduce watering to a reasonable level.


Watering: is based on moderation. Any case, do not let the ground dry up. Amid the formation of floret buds (late July), you should reduce watering. To humidify the air around the flower, it can be sprayed with warmish water and put on a tray with pebbles or gravel.


Feeding: it starts with the beginning of new growth. It is best to fertilise camellias every day, alternating compositions for flowers and specific solutions for roses. You should stop fertilising at the end of July, with the advent of new buds.


Transplanting: takes place in a strictly defined period of time once a year. This should be done immediately after flowering (until the middle of July).

We hope our article will help you to grow a glorious camellia. And if you live in Azerbaijan or visited this beautiful country, if you relatives and beloved ones are there – you can bring them happiness and send wonderful presents. Give a great mood and unforgettable moments! Enjoy the colours of life and order flower delivery across Azerbaijan from AZ-flowers.com!
Last updated: 2016-07-28
Section: Articles
Author: Anastasiia Art
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