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Floral Etiquette: How to Give and Receive Flowers

Choose a gift – right to give it is a half the battle – this is an indication of true culture! Not everyone can boast of absolute knowledge of the etiquette rules, but remember a couple of them to pass for a gallant gentleman and educated young lady, it is not as burdensome affair. Well, get down to the eradication of illiteracy in the flower etiquette.Floral Etiquette
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Step 1: Select the bouquet

Going to the flower shop, do not blindly grab the first composition you see. Just answer the questions to whom and for what purpose you will give it. Remember that bouquets for your girlfriend and the chief, as an example, cannot be identical.

Floral Etiquette
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Step 2: Think about the moment and place of delivery

We simulate a common situation. You are a man / guy / husband and go to a romantic date with your beloved. You chose, for example, the traditional red roses. Stop: check youselve. How long are roses you bought? We hope you would not go to reward beloved ski poles? Long stems are extremely uncomfortable. Just imagine how your girl will walk with these roses in the park? Exactly: she will be with them and not with you. And here's the picture: all the waiters are looking for a suitable vase in the restaurant for a beautiful bouquet of 101 roses. A funny sight. By the way, a good option for the restaurant – a basket or a heart shaped roses. Any way, we recommend thinking in advance where you intend to make a surprise to avoid some awkward moments.

Give a bouquet
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Step 3: Etiquette for all occasions

  1. Packing. It is used for one purpose – to protect the beautiful plants from bad weather. Therefore, giving bouquet in cellophane and wrapping paper is indecent. This doesn`t apply in those cases when you hand a gift in the doorway: it`ll get ugly when the solemn moment of congratulations is overshadowed by unpacking of flowers. But they have to be put in a vase certainly without wrappers.
  2. If your couple is invited to the celebration, the lady should bring flowers. According to the rules of etiquette, a woman must put the bouquet into her left hand and stick it with the right, if necessary. But man has to give the arrangement, and keep it in the left hand; the right has to be free for a handshake.
  3. Even if a man has a holiday, it is better to give flowers to his wife, mistress of the house. Of course, you need to find a special gift for the hero of the occasion. For example, getting ready to acquaint with the girlfriend's parents of the, don`t forget to buy her mother a flower arrangement.
  4. Just give a bouquet silently – does not mean anything. Rather, it means, but not what we`d like. To make a great impression, accompany the moment of delivery with good wishes. Do not congratulate hurry, undressing and still having time to consider the design of the apartment.

Give a bouquet
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How to take the flowers?

There is no big deal. Taking flowers is nice, and your positive emotions necessarily will be shown.

There could be times when a gift, including floral, do not fit your taste or perhaps you`ve an allergy to pollen. Try not to show your frustration, resentment, because people tried to make you happy in any way. Also such phrases like "not worth so wasted", "it's too expensive," "why did you bother?" are unacceptable.

Floral Etiquette
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Thank your giver, and place a vase of flowers in the same room where the celebration is. Better yet, put it on the table, if the size of composition allows.

Flower delivery by a courier service – the current solution to the distances problem. We move across countries and continents, and there isn`t always the possibility being in the right place for congratulating a loved one. Therefore, the express delivery of flowers is becoming progressively suitable and quality.

Floral Etiquette
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Now you know how to give and receive flowers. But remember that the most essential thing – it is the sincerity, love and warmth that can be used outside of any rules. Order the delivery of bouquets and gifts in online-store AZ-Flowers.com.

Last updated: 2016-03-24
Section: Articles
Author: Anastasiia Art
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