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How to Grow Ginger at Home?

Ginger – is the East plan known for its beneficial root. This is not only a tasty spice, but a cure for many diseases. It grows in the tropical forests of the Pacific Islands. But with a strong desire it can be easily grown at home.

Growing ginger at home
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Terms of planting

It is best to plant the ginger in the spring. When planting at this time it is possible to achieve strong growth stems and flowering.

The first things we must begin from - is the choice of the root. Rudiments of the buds should be visible on it. But if you did not find this root, do not worry; you can stimulate the growth of the bud at the home. It will take approximately 3 weeks.

Ginger root is best stored in a cool dark place. It is possible to artificially accelerate the process by placing it in warm water for a couple of hours; it will help to germination of buds.

Growing ginger at home
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Before planting the root is needed to be split into several parts and dried. Every part is getting into a separate pot to a depth of 1 cm, but so that the bud is from above. The soil is better to take the one that is recommended for vegetables. A pot is shallow and wide, with plenty of drainage holes.

After that a pot is necessary to be covered with foil, and do not shoot it as long until the first sprouts will be shown. It is better to put the root in a light place and maintain moisture, but avoid flooding. As soon as the first shoots will be shown, remove the foil. This process will take 3-4 weeks.

Growing ginger at home
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Plant care

For the rapid growth of the plants you need to provide the most comfortable conditions. It can be a bright place with ambient light, preferably a window sill in the southern part of the house. A ginger can be taken into the open air in the summer. It has to be regularly watered with defended water, preventing soil drying. If desired, it can be sprayed without hurting the plant.

Since ginger – is a plant accustomed to a tropical climate, it is rarely possible to achieve flowering in our conditions. Yet it is real. If you properly care for the plant, it may bloom a couple of years after adaptation.

Growing ginger at home
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During the growth of ginger, leaves and stalks can be used in salads. But if you intend to grow the root of it, it is best not to cut them to the most growing and give the opportunity to grow the root.

All you need is about 7-8 months to grow ginger at home. So if you plant it in the spring, then you'll get ready root in the winter.

Growing ginger at home
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Why ginger is useful?

Ginger useful property is that it`s a versatile plant. Everyday using of it strengthens the immune and nervous system. Also, ginger root helps with digestive problems, and it is indispensable for colds and allergies. Ginger is also often recommended for people who suffer from motion sickness. It eliminates the weakness, nausea and dizziness. Because of these properties it is also recommended for pregnant women in the first trimester, who complain about the constant morning sickness.

Growing ginger at home
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Ginger is good for women's health, helps in the fight against obesity, and gives hair shine and freshness to the skin. For men, the property of ginger is not less useful. It increases potency and tones the body.


It is forbidden to use ginger in any form:

  • to pregnant women in the last months of pregnancy;
  • during breastfeeding;
  • with ulcers and intestinal diseases.
Last updated: 2016-03-24
Section: Articles
Author: Anastasiia Art
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