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Kraft paper - new trend in the bouquet decorating

Flower industry today does not cease to strive for something new, everywhere looking for minimalism and beauty at the same time. For decorating flower bouquets florists always pick interesting materials, carefully selecting the best, to create original arrangements. And we, handing over the bouquets to our loved ones, want to convey their mood, emotions and intentions. Flower bouquet in kraft paper – a simple but quite an interesting way to make an arrangement more visible and at the same time – very light.

What is kraft paper?

Such packaging is environmentally friendly, because it does not pollute the environment and can be expanded much faster than ordinary polyethylene. Besides, kraft paper is pretty strong and hardy. The name of this package comes from the German word «kraft», which means «strength». This paper for a long time keeps a neat look and shape, which is quite an important factor of bouquet’s packaging material. Kraft paper – is a real pleasure for flowers. It is well breathable and absorbs extra-moisture. And thanks to these qualities of paper, the flowers will maintain a good appearance much longer than in the plastic packaging.
The standard color of kraft packaging is brown and all its shades. But today there is a huge selection of paper with various ornaments, figures and patterns. With this colored paper bouquets look much more interesting and more beautiful. Also you can attach a small card with warm words on kraft paper. It will be harmonious addition to the floral bouquet.

The new trend of decoration flowers - kraft paper

Why this material has become so popular in packaging bouquets? The answer is simple: kraft paper neutral and not distracting to the beauty of flowers. Previously, a few years ago, in flower shops, we have seen bouquets of bright shiny packages from the gauze, or polyethylene, which all seemed pretty appealing. But now florists are trying to do the main emphasis not on the package but exactly on flowers. After all, what's the essence of the bouquet if not beautiful plants? Besides, the packaging material, first of all, should not decorate flowers but protect them from the wind or cold. And kraft paper - a perfect candidate for these duties.
Packaging of kraft paper suits absolutely all flowers: roses, tulips, eustoma, peonies and field plants. There is no bouquet that could be spoilt by kraft paper. But what is more important – to pack flowers correctly. To make a bouquet of a particular mood you can supplement kraft paper with a satin ribbon, lace, paper of different color or to write something nice on the package.
Florists of Az-Flowers.com are also using kraft paper in decorating colors. You can see some bouquets in the photos below and make an order of flower delivery to Baku or other city of Azerbaijan. Make someone’s day more sunny and warm!
Last updated: 2015-11-12
Section: Articles
Author: Katia Lehka
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