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Men's World Day: ideas of presents

In the first Saturday of November all world celebrates Men's World Day. Do not confuse this holiday with International Men’s Day that is celebrated every year on November, 19th. This is a great occasion to express your warm feelings to your second half and please him with a lovely gift. Here are some ideas what to choose for a man.

1. Usefulness

We all know that men’s and women’s world perception differs radically. This applies to the choice of a gift for the holidays. The more useless the gift seems for the woman, the more likely that man will like it! Some women do not consider it necessary to give pleasant and useful things, such as male cosmetics or clothing, because men themselves can buy it. But the joy of such a purchase does not go to any comparison with the enthusiasm caused by gift wrapped beautifully and with taste! Evince your imagination and you will really be able to please your loved one, dad or a brother with not only attention and care, but also practical present!

2. Dynamism

Men have always been attracted by little puzzles for the mind and fingers. Therefore, any dynamic gift that you can twist, disassemble, flick and assemble it back - is sure variant. Every man is a baby deep in the heart, so do not hesitate to give a toy helicopters, cars, as well as such useful gifts like electronic gadgets to his favorite car or a cute electronic gizmos for the home or office. If he has PlayStation, believe me, he would love the new game for sure!

3. Interest

Do not forget about the interests and preferences of your beloved receivers. The favorite men's gifts are: all kinds of knives, accessories for fishing, sport or tourism. If your second half is not only able to score a nail, but also to fix any fault in the house, then think hard to visit a hardware store and buy him some useful trinket like a new drill or briefcase for screws.
An excellent option would be a gift certificate, and your recipient will decide himself when to "cash" it. And if suddenly someone you want to congratulate is a sweet tooth, we can offer you the idea of rather usual present for man, which he won’t expect at all - a gift basket with sweets!

Flowers for men - yes or no?

This subject has long been under active discussion. We can only say that the sense of beauty has no borders, neither sex nor age. Therefore, if you do not know whether to give flowers to a man or no, we boldly give you an answer: yes! Such a present will cause really sincere emotions and remember for a long. We propose you a small list of flowers that in combination create ideal man’s bouquet:
• gladioli have "manly" elongated shape, and as you know it is customary to give vertical bouquets to men. These lines create a perfect balance between desire to advance and regularity;
• iris is steel a leader in the compositions for the stronger sex;
• anthurium has long been considered as a male flower, and it is best to give it in the pot as a houseplant.
Remember that whatever you present, the main thing is doing this with sincerity and love, and then he will surely be appreciated!
Last updated: 2015-11-04
Section: Articles
Author: Katia Lehka
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