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TOP-3 kinds of gifts for St. Valentine's Day

True romantics and all lovers are waiting for February 14 when they will have a good occasion to once again admit in their fillings. How to do it in the most beautiful, exciting and original way? Here are our ideas!
The girls are all different, but it's hard to find one that would not have loved gifts. Leave a girlfriend on February 14 without a gift, and this may endanger your relations. Approach to the choice of surprise should be serious: if the lover does not appreciate a present, you will have to endure her bad mood almost a month, as a chance to redeem will appear only on March 8th.


Little heart-shaped cards called valentines - the main attribute of the this feast of all lovers. The most inexpensive way to declare your love - to give the girl a beautiful postcard-heart with tender confessions. This card can be purchased, self-made or you can order a unique heart with your common photo.
Women- sweet tooth will especially appreciate sweet hearts. It could be a box of candies, chocolates, cookies or cakes in a form of heart. Great idea - to order a cake inscribed with nominal declaration of love or a large basket with exotic fruits, naturally also made in the "heart" theme.
On the eve of the feast easy to find inexpensive gifts in the form of a loving heart. It can be:
  • pillows;
  • picture frames;
  • key chains with hearts -pendants;
  • coasters for cups;
  • mirrors for bags;
  • flashlights;
  • cosmetics or any other small items that speak of love, its form and content.

Hand-made gifts

Do not think that only expensive or exclusive presents can bring happiness to your second half! Today little sweet things made with love by own hands are appreciated much more than bought gifts. Our beloved people will appreciate the fact that we have spent the time and put a part of our soul in this gift.
Guys who have not lost the skills of natural hand-held tools can make their beloved girls beautiful jewelry boxes made of wood. Even from affordable cardboard It is easy to create a spacious box with drawers, cover details with leather or velvet fabric. Even easier to make a stand for jewelry, based on a frame for a photo or a grater for vegetables.
Girls can cook something for their dear men. You do not have to be a chef or have a cook diploma for this. Just turn on the imagination and cook familiar dishes in an unusual design. Even eggs and sandwiches can be fed kingly. And for those who loves and knows how to cook, it's the blessing of God himself that you should prepare something astonishing. For example, delicate pancakes! In order to bake them, do the usual dough for thin pancakes, pour it into a plastic bottle and make a hole, and then - just a matter of imagination! You shouldn't reinvent the wheel in a frying pan, it is enough to cook a favorite dish of your man, decorate it with a pair of thematic touches in the form of hearts - and delicious hand-made gift on Valentine's Day for your beloved one is ready!

Flowers for the beloved

Flowers are always in trend. But banal bouquet on February 14 looks bored. Ideal variant - a bouquet of roses in the form of heart, flowers in a basket thematic shape or a heart-shaped made on the same principle as toys of flowers. For young girl, you can buy an arrangement of soft animals, for girlfriend - a bouquet of heart-balloons, and for older lady - a bouquet of candies.
In almost any online flower shop you can buy "talking" flowers. Declarations of love written directly on the petals of roses. Such flower is not a shame to give even in the singular, if she read there what she is waiting for she will be really happy.
So here are some ideas of presents for your second half. Choose something from the list and present it in all sincerity! AZ-Flowers.com wish you sweet Valentine's Day!
Last updated: 2016-02-09
Section: Articles
Author: AZ-Flowers.com
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