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Unusual Wedding Traditions around the World

Wedding – this is probably the most beautiful and long-awaited event in the life of every girl. And no wonder that people all over the world are trying somehow to diversify the traditional ceremony with something new and unusual. So, let's look at some unique wedding traditions that may become opened to you and the occasion to introduce them in your own celebration.

1. United States

There is an omen in America, according to which the bride should carry something old (this could be some kind of mother`s decoration or something from the family), something new (something that no one has ever yet worn), something borrowed and something blue in the solemn day. Only there is one condition. All these things should be in a visible place! Americans believe that if you follow this tradition, marriage will succeed and be happy.

Wedding in USA
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2. France

This country has always been differed with a beautiful streets and romantic people. The French have a very unusual and fascinating ritual – during the wedding ceremony a lot of beautiful light-winged butterflies produced. It is an alternative to white pigeons? :) Does your family have some heirloom in the form of a cup or any other vessel? If so, feel free to use it instead of the usual glasses for the newlyweds. On the French wedding you should drink firstly together from the old cup, handed down from generation to generation. It is believed that this ritual will help to make a marriage successful.

Wedding in France
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3. Greece

Typically in many countries around the world, it`s decided to throw a wedding bridal bouquet. As everyone knows, this ritual helps to know who among unmarried girls will be the first to legalize their relationships with loved ones. But in Greece, following the bride's name found using a shoe! No, no one will throw them into the crowd of girls :) Before the ceremony, the future wife writes on the sole of the shoe names of "free" girls. Whose names will be erased before the end of the celebration, those lucky soon will get marry.

Wedding in Greece
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4. Spain

For the Spanish orange or red color symbolizes beauty, happiness, love and vitality. Traditionally, these colors should be present in the design of the wedding and, of course, in the image of the bride. Future wife also complements the bouquet with the bright colors and decorate it with orange tree`s flowers. In Spain there is another unusual tradition. Groom makes a present to his bride – a wedding ring, which is laid on the 13 coins (they symbolize Christ and the 12 apostles). Thus, he says that implicitly trusts loved and will always take care of her.

Wedding in Spain
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5. Pakistan

You can find very often this kind of painting on the body as mehndi. You've probably heard a lot about it. So, in Pakistan a couple of days before the wedding it`s decided to paint the bride's hands with special patterns and characters. It is believed that these characters will strengthen the future marriage and will bring happiness into the house of the couple.

Wedding in Pakistan
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6. Mexico

When the bride is so beautiful, how not to dance with her? In any other country it can be done without problems, but not in Mexico. In addition to beautiful jewelry and other traditional accessories in the image of the bride there is one unusual element – a small bag or purse. For what is it? If you want to dance with Mexican beauty, you will have to part with a couple of extra bills. People put money in payment for dancing in this bag. In some regions, instead of bags people use a special apron. Sometimes the guests are taking billss and just pin them to the bride's dress.

Wedding in Mexico
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Wedding traditions in Nigeria

The girls with lush forms should enjoy a wedding in Nigeria. For the inhabitants of this country, 90-60-90 parameters – are rather a curse than a reason for happiness. Before the wedding, the bride's parents begin to fatten her well. In order to give the curvy shape of beloved daughter, they each day bring her a huge amount of food for months, even years. That is how the tribes appreciate completeness.

Wedding in Nigeria
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But a future spouse will have hard times. To pick up the bride, he must pass a living corridor of her relatives. But not all is so simple...During this procession the family begins to beat the poor groom with sticks. This is done in order to prove that he will survive all the difficulties and the bad times in the new marriage life.

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Last updated: 2016-03-24
Section: Articles
Author: Anastasiia Art
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