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While implementing the order may include such circumstances, that you`ll need to cancel the delivery of flowers or gifts. When this happens, contact us as soon as possible to cancel the order or replace it.
Under what conditions can you cancel your order?
  • If the task is not yet been received to florists and floral arrangement is not yet ready;
  • Unless we agreed to purchase special gifts or special flowers for you, you may cancel such an order for free.
In other circumstances, full cost recovery will not be possible.
You can save payment of canceled order on your own account balance in the company and then use those funds for the next order. If you`re not satisfied, we`ll refund your payment.
If specified ordering address was not right and we cannot contact with the receiver, we`ll contact you immediately. You may change the order or the recipient's address in the same city.
If in the site menu you chose one city delivery, but you have written another city when ordered – the request will be automatically classified as those with the wrong addresses.
We also warn that the cost of delivery varies by country and region and can influent the total price of the order. If the shipping cost in certain city is higher than indicated on the website - you will be notified of the surcharge. If the costs are lower - we`ll refund the difference.
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