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Replacements of flowers and gifts

Customers - are the first thing what our company is thinking about and what our team aims on. That is why we try to satisfy all your needs on the highest level of service.
Due to the specific field of activity, sometimes it may be necessary to replace certain kind of flowers or goods in the order. We keep the right to such a replacement.
Taking into account the seasonality of some flowers and their absence in certain areas – it is easily explained.
For example, in the absence of required flowers, we can replace them with a similar version of the same price category or shades that will not break the general appearance of the arrangement.
We immediately try to inform you of such replacement possibility.
In any occasion and excuse for order delivery of flowers (wedding, anniversary, birthday, etc.), if we cannot contact you - our florists will replace by the self-similar products of the same price or even more than ordered composition.
Also the look of the bouquet and gifts may differ from the images on the site, due to possible differences in design and product depending on the delivery region.
Cakes (represented in the store range) are shown as an template and may differ in reality depending on the delivery country or city. Usually we try to make your booking as most accurate as described on the website.
Toys (that are represented in website) are also shown as an example and may vary depends on the region.
We always care about service and strive to provide the best delivery of bouquets and gifts to our customers worldwide.
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