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Financial guarantee

Quality guarantee. We provide high quality services to fulfill your orders using only the freshest materials for decoration and flowers. Delivery of bouquets and flower arrangements are always carried out promptly and on time to each recipient.

Quality of flowers. Experienced florists of our company use only the highest quality décor addition and fresh flowers, which you see on the product pages. For example, we offer flowers of different sizes and colors to delight your tastes and being sure that bouquet will stay beautiful for a long time.

Customer support. Our managers will provide professional advice and adhesion by the phone or you have the opportunity to contact us via email or chat. Online operators will help you with any questions for 25 minutes from 10AM to 7PM. The letters that come at other times will be considered in the first place.

Care delivery. We are proud of our florists’ works which professionally convert an incredible flowers into bouquets and compositions that are feast for you, your relatives` and friends` eyes. We try to bring joy to the recipient and to transfer all your senses and wishes.

International delivery. We present a huge selection of various flowers, bouquets and arrangements on our website with the ability to order the delivery to any city and country around the world.

Privacy Policy. We protect the personal data of customers, because we believe in the strength of your confidence in our work. Throughout the existence of our company, we have always been a part of huge and friendly worldwide family with our customers. We will never allow your personal information to become publicly known

Safe Payments. Each of our clients can be confident in the security of his personal information and credit card data. We appreciate you use payments with private cards. Transmission of information is encrypted and going by secure payment systems.

Payments Refund. If the quality of bouquet you received do not satisfy you or the untimely delivery has been made, we will hold a replacement (re-delivery) of product with an apology item. Otherwise, we will refund all the money.

Online Support. We want every customer to be satisfied with our work, which is why we have introduced non-stop service 7 days a week, allowing you to keep in touch with our managers via phone, e-mail, Skype and online chat.


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